Great Lakes Distillery

GLD is a small-batch distillery that hand crafts award-winning distilled spirits in limited quantities using Old World methods and traditions. For example, whiskey is aged in traditional, full-sized barrels for no less than two years.

     The distillery is open to the public for tours. Visitors learn about the products, how and why they are created the way they are, and receive a flight of six products to try (complimentary soda is available for non-drinkers). Tour members also can enjoy a cocktail from the tasting room before, during or after the tour.

not one

but two


are being released

On Feb. 19, Great Lakes Distillery launches a new whiskey line called “Still & Oak.” GLD will release two whiskies – a straight bourbon whiskey and a straight rye whiskey. Free samples along with special bourbon and rye cocktails will be available, as well as bottles for purchase.

Sprecher Brewery Tour


Miwaukee Brewing Company

MKE Brewing Co. uses local ingredients and suppliers (when possible) in a sustainable, creative and innovative environment.

   The tour includes samples of the year-round staple flavors, current seasonal offerings and more. The tour is “beer in hand,” and samples are offered at check-in, during and after the tour ends.


Miwaukee Brewing Company

Sprecher tours begin in the gift shop, then on to the brew house and bottling room. The tour ends at the indoor beer garden, with music and samples from up to 20 beers and ten sodas on draught. (Sprecher also offers special Reserve Tastings.)

Miwaukee Brewing Company

In “Miller Valley,” the tours explore over 155 years of brewing history with a modern-day twist. After experiencing large-scale brewing first-hand, visitors enjoy ice-cold beer samples in the Bavarian-style Miller Inn.