J & S African Center

Ethnic shops

African Center

African groceries, cooking utensils and beauty products. You will also find a large variety of African clothing for women, men and children.

6029 N Teutonia Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53209

Milwaukee's North Side


El Rey

Come for the exotic fresh produce, Mexican cheeses and hard-to-find ingredients. A great variety of Piñatas. Enjoy authentic Mexican food at the lunch counter.

3524 W Burnham St.

(414) 643-1616

South Side



Italian deli counter and refrigerator cases full of cheeses, salami and other tasty Italian options. A selection of dried pastas, frozen lasagna, wine, cookies, coffees and much more.

1020 E. Brady St

(414) 272-0540

East Side




Holy Land Grocery & Bakery

Great little grocery store and deli on the south side of Milwaukee with a bakery & restaurant.

2755 W Ramsey Ave

(414) 308-1095



Pacific Produce

This is the area’s largest Asian food store. One big draw is the inexpensive seafood. A huge selection of sauces and an entire aisle with nothing but noodles. Loads of frozen foods includes dim sum, pot stickers. Also, find dishes, pots and pans and other asian kitchen and home items.

5455 S. 27th St.

(414) 308-1095