Sara Cwynar: Image Model Muse

Art & other exhibits

Through July 6

Mary Alice Wimmer

Watercolor paintings and silverpoint drawings.

Tory Folliard Gallery


Through July 7

DK Palecek:

Unclenched Explorations

Paintings of old buildings exploring mood and design through color, shapes and brushwork.

Cedarburg Art Museum


Through July 7

The Power of Poison

Discover the complex role of poison from aphrodisiac and self-defense to lethal weapons and medical miracles. See how the toxin and venoms found in nature can be used for good and evil.

Milwaukee Public Museum


Through August 4

Sara Cwynar: Image Model Muse

Photography and film  that explores color and design and the ways that they operate politically, socially, and historically.

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Herzfeld Center for Photography and Media Arts, Milwaukee Art Museum


Through July 28

Evelyn Patricia Terry

America’s Favor/Guests Who Came to Dinner (and Stayed!) brings together different bodies of work: an iconic table installation, artist books, and mixed media works.

Lynden Sculpture Garden


Through Aug. 4

Nohl Fellowship Exhibition

Showcases the work of the most recent (2018) Fellows.

Haggerty Museum of Art


Through Aug.11

Greta Mikkelsen:

Tobacco Silks Reimagined

Debuts Mikkelsen’s stunning contemporary quilts inspired by antique tobacco silks.

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts


Through Aug. 18

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Jim Brozek photographs workers plying their trades from the farm fields of Wisconsin, to scenes from a New Mexico ranch, Great Lakes shipping and more.

Grohmann Museum


Through Aug. 25

Charles Radtke: Contained

Cabinets, tables, and chairs with meticulous attention to detail and intricately designed interiors.

Milwaukee Art Museum


Through Sept. 8

Among the Wonders of the Dells

Photography, Place, Tourism

160 years of the Dells explores the emergence and transformation of Wisconsin Dells into what is today the most important tourist destination in Wisconsin. Photographs by Leroy Gates and H. H. Bennett.

Museum of Wisconsin Art


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