What’s the

“coolest” office in Milwaukee?

Our vote goes to the Iroquois, a unique floating office that serves as headquarters of the Milwaukee Boat Line.

     Launched in Bay City, Michigan, in 1922 as the Detroit, the 62-foot ship was renamed the Iroquois in 1953 when it served as a ferry in the Straits of Mackinac. In 1961 the ship arrived in Milwaukee, where it provided river and harbor tours for 52 years.

     Jake Chianelli acquired the boat and the business in 2006, at the beginning of the Milwaukee River cleanup –


accompanied by new construction and upgrading of historic buildings on its banks.

    Appropriately, Jake applied a bright new coat of paint to the Iroquois, giving a temporary facelift to the 84-year-old vessel.

     Chianelli enlarged his fleet in 2007 by purchasing the Voyageur, a 75-foot expedition yacht, and in 2011 when he added the Vista King, an 80-foot tour boat. Acquisition of the Vista King, now the largest Milwaukee tour vessel, coincided with the last tour of the historic Iroquois.

     Docked today between the Voyageur and the Vista King, the Iroquois is not only the coolest office in Milwaukee, but also a symbol of the maritime history of Milwaukee and the Great Lakes.

     For more info on Milwaukee Boat Line tours, see page 40 or mkeboat.com.