Jay Lynch, Chicago Sun-Times Sunday Magazine Cover, 1976; Museum of Wisconsin Art

Explore the crazy world of  Wisconsin Funnies: Fifty Years of Comics at the Museum of Wisconsin Art

Opening August 8


The Wisconsin Funnies exhibition at the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA), 205 Veterans Ave. in West Bend, is the first to present the recent history of comics in Wisconsin.

 Opening Aug. 8, the exhibition spans more than 200 works by 31 artists. Those works illustrate the major themes, innovations, and publications that characterize the state's rich contributions to comic culture.

 The exhibition pairs hand-drawn original art with printed material including comic books and alternative weekly newspapers, as well as collectibles and ephemera. Wisconsin Funnies offers a comprehensive overview of comics in Wisconsin, opening with the late 1960s Wisconsin comix scene spearheaded by Denis Kitchen's Kitchen Sink Press. Wisconsin Funnies also includes the lively Madison scene, a hotspot for creative comic activity.

 Wisconsin Funnies spans both Museum of Wisconsin Art's locations – the mothership in West Bend and MOWA | DTN located in downtown Milwaukee within the Saint Kate - The Arts Hotel, 139 E Kilbourn Ave. MOWA | DTN features politically-themed comics. The selection shows how comics have been a meaningful medium for educating and agitating for change.

 For more information, visit wisconsinart.org/comics.


A Community of Voices presents work from the 2018 class of inductees to the Sisters of Creativity, an art collective that seeks to recognize African-American women who have long been marginalized from the mainstream art world.

 The six featured Milwaukee artists are Blanche Brown, Chrystal Denise Gillon (There Was an Old Woman, 2016 (detail) pictured below), Rhonda Gatlin Hayes, Ruthie Joy, Tia Richardson, and 2019 City of Milwaukee Artist of the Year Rosemary Ollison.



About MOWA

The Museum of Wisconsin Art explores the art and culture of Wisconsin. Founded in 1961, MOWA is one of the top museums of regional art in the U.S., with over 5,000 works of contemporary and historic art by more than 350 artists.

 The building's modern, wedge shape is a striking sight on the west bend of the Milwaukee River and is the centerpiece of the museum's four-acre campus.

 With 18 rotating exhibitions and more than 175 programs—from talks and tours to making art and meeting artists—MOWA attracts nearly 200,000 visitors annually.

 MOWA's "everyone's a member" paradigm means that an entrance fee (as low as $15) also is a basic membership fee that allows free access for one year.

 This time of year, don't miss the MOWA Gardens, which include six groves of 750 quaking aspen trees and more than 1,200 hydrangeas.